Compliance Health and Safety are delighted to have gained the opportunity to work alongside the following schools for the next 12 months:

  • King David High School
  • King David Primary School
  • St Francis of Assisi Academy
  • Belvedere Preparatory School
  • Trinity St Peter’s Church of England School
  • Oakmere College
  • Linacre Primary School
  • Lawrence Road Primary School
  • Florence Melly Primary School
  • St Benedict’s Primary School

Here is an example of how we helped one of the schools:

Sally and the School Fire Drill

Sally Williams is a bright, intelligent little girl in school year 4. Sally recently fell off the monkey bars in school and broke her arm. Sally was devastated as she loved swimming and was not allowed to swim with the rest of her class on a Monday morning at the local swimming baths. Sally was counting the days until her plaster cast was removed. Each week she watched her friends’ board the school bus from the year 5 classroom window – wishing she hadn’t fell off the monkey bars.

Then about six weeks later on a Monday morning the bus left with all of the children to go swimming!

At 9:45 that very morning the Fire Alarm sounded for an organised fire evacuation test. This was very different to the usual test. The school had recently instructed Compliance Health and Safety to improve the safety within the school. When the fire alarm sounded all of the children along with the teachers exited the classrooms in the usual manner. To the surprise of the teachers, leading the evacuation, the main fire escape was closed off and a large cardboard picture of painted flames was positioned in front of the door.

Well talk about confusion! All of the teachers suddenly realised they had to find another exit route, some pointed in one direction others shouted another direction, one teacher even started looking for a fire extinguisher!

After six minutes (twice as long as usual) the school was evacuated – or was it? The Health and Safety company had deliberately kept the head chef out of the evacuation to ascertain if this would be discovered during the roll call.

‘Year 1 present and correct’ exclaimed Mrs Barnes ‘and year 2’ added Miss Thompson. ‘Mine are all here’ said Mr Jones. Year 4 are all swimming added the Head Teacher. ‘Year 5 are all accounted for’ smiled Miss Birch. Then suddenly ‘Where is Sally Williams?’ enquired the Head Teacher. Sally was nowhere to be seen. Panic and confusion set in quite quickly. A search of the school began, Sally was present at the morning register but was not with the year 5 class!

After about five further minutes the Head Teacher managed to contact Miss Leyland the year 4 teacher on her mobile phone. ‘Thank Heavens!’ shouted the Head Teacher ‘Sally is safe’. Sally had boarded the bus after having her plaster cast removed on Friday after school. This was not communicated to anyone else by her teacher. Nobody knew Sally had left the school building.

In all of the confusion the head chef had still not been accounted for.

‘The fire drill has been a success’ claimed the Compliance Health and Safety Officer.

‘A success?’ responded a rather agitated Head Teacher. ‘Yes a big success. We have tested your procedures to the limits and they have unfortunately failed. We can now improve the procedures, thankfully that was not a real fire as the Fire Service may have risked their own lives looking for Sally’ replied the Compliance Health and Safety officer.

After carrying out the fire evacuation term after term for many years the procedures had never really been tested. The school was extremely confident they could easily evacuate within 3 minutes. This was clearly not the case.

Is it the case at your school?

Sally arrived back from swimming that day with year 4 not realising that her fall from the monkey bars had actually strengthened the school fire procedures.

This is just one of many ways Compliance Health and Safety improve the safety in schools. We also save you time and money. We actually do all of the work for you. We complete all of your risk assessments, (Fire, premises, equipment, activities, COSHH, DSE, Expectant Mothers, Lone Workers etc ) provide the training to staff (Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, Risk Assessment, Asbestos Awareness etc) communicate the information to staff, assist with Back to Work interviews, vet your sub-contractors, complete site inspections each term, liaise with Fire Officers, EHO and OFSTED.

We do the work of a full-time Health and Safety Officer you just share him with other schools.

How much will this cost? Between just £2000 and £3000 per year.

Call us now on 0800 6128162 or email us via our Contact page.


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